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Email Marketing

Email is still one of the best ways to communicate effectively with your customers and prospects over many other marketing activities.

Just like your Website you only have a matter of seconds to capture your audiences attention. Our emails are designed to do exactly that!

What’s more, according to recent research (below) by Gigaom, around three quarters of internet users are now accessing their email on mobile devices,  so we ensure your email is mobile-optimised (Responsive) no matter what device it’s being viewed on.

Email comes out top…

Digital Marketing programs that are most effective for customer retention according to US digital marketers Q2 2014.

Email marketing was a clear leader with 56% of the vote.

Email Marketing
Social network marketing
Content marketing
Referal marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Display ads
Mobile ads
Digital video ads
Affiliate marketing
Paid search

72% of US Internet users say they check email via a mobile device, April 2014

 View our Mobile Marketing Campaign for eg solutions plc
Data sources: Gigaom “Workhorses and Dark Horses: Digital Tactics for Customer Acquisition” underwritten by Etole, June 25, 2014., “Email Useage Report”, July 15, 2014
  • Design

    We can design and code one-off or multiple emails for you.

  • Just the techie stuff!

    We can take your design and create the mobile friendly template for you to use in campaigns.

  • Full Management

    We can help you build your database, create the emails, send them and track them with campaign reports showing you exactly how they performed.

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