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Local Business?


of people look for local information on their smartphone


take action as a result

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of UK car insurance customers researched online prior to purchasing


of car insurance customers purchased online

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of people don't know where they want to go when first looking into booking a trip


of UK business trip customers purchased online

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of UK customers researched online prior to purchasing healthcare products


purchased healthcare products online

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of converters on education websites are influenced by search


spent by students researching back-to-school purchases

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of UK consumers purchase domestic appliances online


of luxury purchases made in-store - BUT 78% of shoppers researched online before making a decision

Search Marketing

Search Marketing should be one of the key focuses in your inbound marketing strategy. There are two key areas to search marketing in terms of how you acquire new leads:

One is to optimise your Website to be an authority in it’s market and therefore rank in the top position of what we call organic search results.

Two is to create a well targeted Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign allowing you to pay per click to have your ad appear in the search results and various content networks.

A balance of both of these together will ultimately offer you the best return on investment and help you grow your business faster.

A personal referral is often king when it comes to closing new business quickly.

Beyond this though many people will consult a search engine to find what they need and around 60 – 70% of these people will click one of the first two listing in the results.

Search Marketing

Search Marketing Project Overview

Here are the basic steps we take with each new search marketing project we carry out for a client.

Step 1


Step 1 is all about understanding your business, products and services. We need to know about your business and how you currently acquire leads and sales. We need to know how competitive your business is, whether it’s a local business, regional, nationwide or international. We’ll look at your competitors, research keywords to see what your prospective customers are searching for, analyse your existing web pages and report back with a plan of implementation.

Step 2


Step 2 is about getting stuck into your existing Website, creating a new Website perhaps? New landing pages, setting up a well organised PPC campaign, creating fresh content, distributing that content via social media and gaining momentum.

Step 3

Results and Reporting

Step 3 is the fun part! Traffic is vanity, Leads/Sales are sanity!

We focus on delivering you new leads which ultimately result in sales for your business. We are very good at turning the targeted visitors to your Website to actual leads you can follow-up with or in some cases even direct sales from your Website. We track these as goals and conversions and report back each month with this data to you so you can constantly see your progress.

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